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Euroglot is a dictionary software and translation program for English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. The power of Euroglot is the way of exposing its translations to the translator. In a normal dictionary words and their translations are sorted alphabetically, which doesn’t provide any context. To provide you with context Euroglot shows translations based on their meaning. Moreover, each translation comes with grammar like conjugation, declensions and gender information. Euroglot does not only translates word but also expressions, idioms and proverbs. In one dictionary you have everything you need to translate fast and efficient close at hand.

Find all meanings of a word in one glimpse.

Euroglot gives you all information you need in one program.

Synonyms and related words

Enrich your text and write better by means of synonyms and analogous words.

Write grammatically correct

Conjugate verbs and expressions and have a look at all word information.

Software that helps you choose your words better in a different language


It is not easy to transmit the right message when you are translating a text. Expressions are often hard to translate and to find the right word that fits the context can be a challenge. Euroglot Professional is a multilingual dictionary in six languages that contains a module to translate sentences from Dutch to English and Dutch to German.

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Euroglot is available in six languages

Euroglot is available in six languages, English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. The six languages are linked crosswise. As a result you have 30 combinations available. Euroglot works with a source and a target language that can be switched easily.

Euroglot works with different platforms

Euroglot works natively and offline on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The dictionary is also available as a SaaS application.

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