The pioneer on the field of automated translation systems and dictionaries

Since 1985 Linguistic Systems develops language and translation systems. Together with language scientists, native speakers, professional translators and software developers the first electronic multilingual dictionary was developed on basis of a unique algorithm that relates word concepts.

Together with Casio, the largest calculator producer, Linguistic Systems developed its first elecronic dictionary on the casio calculator of which more than 240.000 were sold. Later, the conceptual dictionary has been made more intelligent with the addition of a grammar component that generates conjugations and declensions. With the help of specialized translators the supplement dictionaries Chemical, Medical, Technical, Financial, IT and Legal were created. The terminology was translated by professional translators with years of experience in the professional fields mentioned above.

In 2010 the first Euroglot App for Iphone and Ipad was released. This dictionary app works offline and has a vocabulary of around 300.000 words and expressions. After years of research in 2014 releases a beta product that can translate sentences from Dutch to German and from Dutch to English. The self developed system aims at generating grammatical correct sentences.