Euroglot, free dictionary app on your Android device

Euroglot is a free dictionary app on your Android smartphone or tablet. The app works offline so no expensive roamingcosts while being abroad. You can download the app for free in the Play Store and start translating right away between 2 languages of choice. Do you want more functionality like grammar, synonyms or extra languages? You can purchase add-ons through our In App store.

Extend Euroglot with the following functionalities:

You can add extra languages to the app. The available languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
One of the best features of Euroglot is the thesaurus. Looking for a related word or synonym? Extend Euroglot’s vocabulary by adding this module to your app.
An important part of your app is the grammar module. With this module you can see the conjugations in all tenses, gender and other grammatical information from each word or expression.
Do you want to know how a word or expression is pronounced in German, French, Dutch or English? With this module you can listen to 80.000 pronunciations of words and expressions by native speakers.
Specialised terminology is often hard to translate. The dictionaries Financial, Medical, Legal, Chemical, IT and Technical contain terminology translated by professionals in their field.


Download Euroglot for free and start translating within a few seconds.


Make better translations with synonyms.

With the thesaurus functionality you find a lot of related words and synonyms to enrich your translations.



Conjugations and declensions

This module provides you with the conjugations, declensions, genders, word species and other grammatical information.

Let native speakers pronounce the words.

For Dutch, English, French and German, 80.000 words and expressions are pronounced by native speakers. Nice to have when you want to be taught how to pronounce a word the right way.

Translate specialised terminology

Translate Medical, Chemical, Technical, Legal, Financial and IT terminology